Virtual Care Rounds: Creating Meaningful Conversations

May 13, 2021
2:50pm - 3:15pm

Creating meaningful conversations is a core component of each patient's care plan at UChicago Medicine. Before COVID-19, in-person leader rounding took place at the bedside to improve patient experience. Using a mobile solution to capture real-time feedback, leaders connected with patients and families to understand their preferences and proactively address any questions or concerns. When COVID-19 cases increased the hospital had to limit the number of staff entering patient rooms for safety reasons. The Patient Experience and Engagement Program (PEEP) team quickly redesigned leader rounding to ensure patients still had this important human connection. PEEP members were redeployed to support virtual rounding, which involved making daily calls to patients in their rooms. The goal was to make meaningful connections to as many patients as possible during this lonely time. PEEP members used the mobile rounding solution to capture patient feedback to take real-time action or follow-up on during the next virtual round. Connecting with patients also helped staff feel more connected to purpose. PEEP members were assigned to dedicated units so they could connect with the same patients every day, helping develop trusted relationships and engage in heartfelt conversations. Patients also appreciated the human connection. Virtual rounds was one of many redesigned processes at UChicago Medicine that helped comfort patients and families and keep people connected to purpose during COVID-19.


Chief Experience Officer
UChicago Medicine

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