Predicting Patient Experience: Use of a Novel Data Registry to Assess Completion of CAHPS Survey and "Would Recommend Hospital" Rating by Patient Race

May 13, 2021
2:50pm - 3:15pm

At Cleveland Clinic, our goal is for patients to have an empathetic seamless experience as a lifelong partner in healthcare. Thus, we created a registry of data related to patient experience (PE) and created multivariable models to predict ratings of PE as measured by the CAHPS survey. This registry is a significant advancement in health services analytics and findings can inform interventions that meaningfully impact patients. There is abundant evidence that patient race is associated with healthcare disparities, but little is known about the association between race and PE.

In this session, Susannah will describe the development and utilization of a novel database registry to predict patient experience. She will also assess and compare the completion of HCAHPS surveys among Black and White patients and “would recommend hospital” ratings among Black patients and non-Black patients. Interventions informed by robust analytical insights derived from these models may reduce disparities and enhance patient experiences.


Associate Chief Experience Officer and Director of Research
Cleveland Clinic

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