Out of an Abundance of Caution: How the Pandemic Exposed the Fragility of Person-Centered Care and What We Need To Do Now To Course-Correct

May 13, 2021
1:46pm - 2:00pm

Today, the phrase ‘out of an abundance of caution…’ often precedes a rationale for some policy, procedure, restriction, or practice designed to enhance clinical quality or staff safety. The reasoning follows that the measures are necessary to keep people safe. Often missing from the explanation, though, is a description of the trade-offs. Too often, the concessions being made in the name of caution are the rights of patients and families to be actively engaged as members of their own care team. It’s time to reexamine our responses to the ‘novel coronavirus’ that may have made sense a year ago in the face of limited knowledge about transmission, limited availability of PPE, and widespread community transmission. COVID-19 is no longer a novelty, but its impact continues to undermine evidence-based best practices in person-centered care. We will explore that impact and the conditions that allowed for such swift erosion of the progress made in person-centered care over the past 30 years. Finally, we’ll examine ways to course-correct and find pathways back to a sustainable ‘new normal’ where caution, compassion, and partnership all co-exist in abundance.


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