The Trifecta of Moving Health Care to Home: Better Patient Experience, Better Clinical Outcomes, Lower Costs

May 13, 2021
2:50pm - 3:15pm

When plans and providers collaborate to provide coverage and care for patients at home, patient experience and clinical outcomes improve, while costs decrease. For the Geisinger at Home program, the results are particularly dramatic: 40% drop in hospital admissions, 35% drop in ER visits, and an average $8K/patient annual reduction in spending.

Dr. John Bulger, Chief Medical Officer, Geisinger Health Plan, will discuss this unique home health program with Dr. Connie Hwang, Chief Medical Officer & Director, Clinical Innovation at the Alliance of Community Health Plans, which represents the nation's top-performing nonprofit health plans to improve affordability and outcomes. Geisinger cares for a large population of patients with complex needs that limit their access to essential care while increasing their overall cost of care. Many are homebound, often experiencing food insecurity, social isolation, and lack of transportation. Through Geisinger at Home, 100+ clinicians, working closely with patients' primary care physicians, deliver care to nearly 5,000 vulnerable patients where they live. Dr. Bulger will discuss the processes Geisinger uses to identify patients; attract clinician teams; and leverage technology. Dr. Hwang brings the experiences of other ACHP member companies that have also moved health care to the home and community. Both will discuss the challenges of health-care-at-home models in the context of a fee-for-service payment system that rewards volume overvalue.


Chief Medical Officer and Director, Clinical Innovation
Alliance of Community Health Plans (ACHP)
Chief Medical Officer
Geisinger Health Plan

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