Meenakshi Gapa

Nursing Professional Development Specialist
Cleveland Clinic

I am a Nursing Professional Development Specialist at Cleveland Clinic. I am based out of Main Campus, focused in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Neurological Intensive Care Unit, and Neurological Step Down Units. In my role I support education needs in the focused care areas, as well as facilitate nursing orientation and classes throughout the enterprise. My background is in Critical Care. During my time in the ICU, I pursued my Masters in Nursing with a focus on Nursing Education. I did not take a direct path in my own education, instead, I started out with general associate's degrees, moved on to my BSN and my MSN. This gave me a great passion and interest for Nursing Education. I was able to work closely with the Office of Patient Experience and our Health Care Partners to enrich our in-person educational offerings at Marymount and the feedback has been incredible. I also enjoy the development of online course and hybrid activities. I am very excited to share and learn from all of you!

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