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Building Empathy with Telebehavioral Health: Crossing the Urban-Rural Divide

November 10, 2020
1:00pm - 1:30pm

When it comes to mental healthcare, the prevalence of mental health issues are the same between rural and urban communities however rural access to mental health service is severely limited by accessibility, availability and acceptability.

In this presentation, Jennifer Richman, associate professor of Psychology and Michael Hasselberg, senior director of Digital Health, both from the University of Rochester, will describe the school’s telebehavioral health model which aims to capitalize on the expertise of the University of Rochester in telepsychiatry and mental health care and the expertise of rural providers in local resources, social networks and rural culture with the aim of treating patients in their communities and improving the patient and provider experience. This model consists of 3 components: telepsychiatry, onsite psychiatric engagement and telementoring.

Key takeaways:

- Learn how technology can be harnessed to engage diverse populations
- Avoiding common misconceptions about rural populations
- How clinical settings can be used to the patient’s advantage and increase engagement


University of Rochester Medical Center
Associate Professor
University of Rochester Medical Center
Executive Editor
Healthcare IT News, HIMSS Media

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