Patient Stories

Hear the inspiring stories from real Cleveland Clinic patients, leading advocates and past Patient Experience Summit speakers emphasizing empathy in their care experience.


A Chronically Ill Patient Shares Her Healthcare Journey

Onstage at the 2019 Patient Experience Summit, Swapna detailed her experiences and underscored a systemic issue she found in healthcare—a lack of shared, patient-provider decision making. 

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Cooling Cap Helps Mom Go Through Chemotherapy Without Losing Hair

Hear how Jennifer beat breast cancer while using an innovative device to keep her hair intact, preserve her identity and keep a sense of normalcy in her family's daily life.

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Prosthetic Patient Leverages Her Experiences to Improve Healthcare

At the 2019 Patient Experience Summit, Carrie took the stage to share stories of her life as a prosthetic patient,born without her left arm, and how her experiences shaped the person and professional she is today.

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Teen Battling Thyroid Cancer Delivers Inspiring Graduation Speech

Doctors diagnosed Tanner with a rare and aggressive form of thyroid cancer. After undergoing multiple surgeries, chemotherapy treatments, and a unique clinical trial, Tanner delivered a moving high school graduation speech—turning his journey into inspiration for others

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A Surprise Guest Greets Dr. Cosgrove Live on the 2019 Summit Stage

Former Cleveland Clinic Chief Executive Officer Toby Cosgrove, MD, was getting ready to recap a decade-old story that inspired the Cleveland Clinic-led patient experience movement, when Dr. Adrienne Boissy flipped the script, inviting to the summit stage an unexpected guest.

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Academic Editor Says Better Communication Will Improve Clinical Outcomes

Last year at the 2019 Patient Experience Summit, Laura Cooley, PhD, led a deep dive session to discuss the landscape of academic perspectives focused on the patient experience field. Learn how communication is improving clinical outcomes.

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