Geeta Nayyar

General Manager and Executive Medical Director

Geeta Nayyar, M.D., M.BA., is a nationally recognized thought leader in healthcare.  She has earned several recognitions including being one of the Most Powerful Women in Health IT, Health Tech top 100 Influencers, and Med City News recognized her as one of the Top 12 Powerful Women Voices in Healthcare Innovation.

She has been named one of the "Top 26 smartest people in Health IT" by Becker's Report and ranked one of the "Top 25 Minority Healthcare Executives" by Modern Healthcare. She is the author of the mobile health chapter in the HIMSS Medical Informatics textbook and is a four time HIMSS social media ambassador.

She is the former CMIO for AT&T and served on the HIMSS Board of Directors. Dr. Nayyar currently serves as the Chief Healthcare & Innovation Officer for Femwell Group Health, Inc., one of the largest management services organizations in the state of Florida. She is a Rheumatologist and maintains faculty affiliations at Florida International University and George Washington University.

Dr. Nayyar hosts "Topline MD TV," a digital medical news channel featuring doctors addressing patients’ concerns and she is also the host of Dr. #YOLO, a podcast series dedicated to helping you live your one and only best life. Launching soon on Spotify and the app store!

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