You, Me & the HCP: Taking Nursing Education to the Next Level

May 12, 2021
3:50pm - 4:15pm

The community we serve is at the center of our identity. How do we provide community-centric care that transitions to the in-patient environment? In our goal to support patient-centered care and relationship-based care, we widened our focus. We needed to strengthen our engagement with patients and families during their stay.

We went to the source and invited our Health Care Partners (HCP) to take part in our Bedside Handoff Initiative (BHI). These partners are previous patients who volunteer on committees and projects providing feedback and input from design to implementation. We customized our initiative for Marymount Hospital and requested involvement from our HCPs to act as our simulated patients and family members. We are the first hospital in the enterprise to include HCPs in the educational activities and it has been very well received from all involved.

HCPs tremendously enriched our Initiative. They provide authentic responses, realistic exchanges, and help organically create dialogues between staff, educators, and volunteers. During simulations, staff can fully immerse in scenarios and connect to content, making it more meaningful and transferable to nursing practice. This model supports patient safety, engagement and communication throughout the patient's stay.

This presentation will be about our process, challenges, and how others can use this valuable resource to support Nursing Education.


Nursing Professional Development Specialist
Cleveland Clinic

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