A Conversation with Kevin Love on Mental Wellness

May 12, 2021
11:35am - 12:05pm

Kevin Love, a professional basketball player and hero of Cleveland sports, is a leading voice for mental wellness. After documenting his experience with depression and anxiety in a powerful, personal essay on The Players’ Tribune in 2017, Love quickly evolved into the public spokesperson for mental health awareness among athletes. Continuing his advocacy in this space, in 2018 he founded the Kevin Love Fund, dedicated to inspiring people to live their healthiest lives while providing the tools to achieve physical and emotional well-being.

In 2021, his work has never been more important. The toll of the pandemic has had a profound impact on the public’s mental health with the rise in depression, PTSD, and burnout. We’ll join together to examine how we can de-stigmatize mental health, so caregivers and patients who have dealt with so much, can comfortably open up and get the help they need?

In this session, Kelly Hancock, chief caregiver officer, and Adrienne Boissy, chief experience officer at the Cleveland Clinic, sit down with Kevin Love to discuss the importance of mental health awareness and how we can inspire others to prioritize their physical and emotional health.


Kevin Love Fund

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