Implementing an Agile Virtual Care and Innovation Network - Technology, Training, and Transformation

May 12, 2021
3:50pm - 4:15pm

From robotic rounding by physicians to remote patient monitoring via sensor encapsulated medication, health care technology is constantly evolving. This session will explore those specific innovative programs as well as techniques used to implement an agile virtual care and innovation network through sustainable technology, training and transformative telehealth education. The development of innovative telehealth curriculum across interprofessional disciplines enables the advancement, adoption and integration of telehealth technologies across healthcare domains - from CIO to CME education. Since the onset, of Covid-19 hospitals and all clinical settings, have had to learn to be more agile in the education and training of all stakeholders in the rapid deployment of virtual care.   Education must have objectives that equip a new generation of professionals to deploy virtual care services to better meet the needs of patients and communities.

Tamara will share with attendees the implementation process for innovative education programs as well as live and interactive education platforms to boost technology adoption across disciplines. She will share the nuts and bolts of implementing an expansive TeleSpecialty program at bedside and also connecting remote hospitals across the state of Texas to TeleNICU, TeleER, TeleOrtho, and Sports Medicine specialty services - utilizing health information exchange systems providing informed care to patients and providers.


Senior Director Virtual Health and Innovation
Children's Health System of Texas

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