Massive Compassion and Simple Technology: Bringing Video Visits to Homeless Shelters During the COVID-19 Pandemic

May 12, 2021
3:20pm - 3:45pm

Imagine living in these difficult pandemic times without a home or regular healthcare. In March 2020, Madison's (WI) homeless shelters had no access to care providers for COVID-19 outbreak prevention. With only a utility trailer and a single power outlet, Nurse Disrupted launched its first two Care Stations and virtual nurse volunteer network, creating quick and simple Telehealth video connections between clinicians 2 hours away and homeless shelters that needed them. T he homeless community was fearful about COVID-19 and if getting sick meant that they would lose a bed to sleep in and a warm meal to eat. Nurse Disrupted's COVID-19 Virtual Volunteer program quelled the fear by providing compassion trained and licensed nurses that screen for COVID-19, maintain protocol, and educate everyone on safety precautions. The Care Station was designed for simplicity and ease of use with a secure video connection, simple one-touch user interface, hardware, software, stable internet, and technical support. Since starting, the Care Stations have created over 15,000 patient connections across 200 providers. End-user survey results from the homeless shelter demonstrate high acceptance and ease of use scores for the simplified technology. The outcomes of the program are strong, with only limited COVID-19 cases at one shelter and zero outbreaks at the other shelter location. Massive compassion and simple technology work.


Nurse Disrupted, LLC
Nurse Disrupted, LLC

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