Better Processes, Better Outcomes: Shifting the Focus from Paperwork to Patients

May 12, 2021
4:15pm - 4:35pm

The pandemic exposed serious gaps in our healthcare systems, accelerating a long-overdue digital transformation within the industry. As many organizations are learning, this rapid change brings its own unique set of challenges. Mike Oren, Vice President of Enterprise Consulting Services at Xerox, taps into the company’s 40-plus years of partnership with healthcare organizations to explore these challenges while providing a unique perspective on how digitization and process automation can drive better patient outcomes.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to improve your patient journey, from outreach to administration.
  • Gain insight into leveraging two-way, personalized patient communications that integrate with your EHRs to provide easier access to information and better connect providers and patients.
  • Learn how providers are using adjusted patient days to accurately predict print and digital communication needs, streamline processes and lower labor expenses.


Vice President Enterprise Consulting Services
Chief Technology and Innovation Officer

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