CEMOSoft LLC (Arizona USA) offers digital platforms (PatNX, S2E and PatNX.AI) for Hospitals/Clinics/Practices.  

  1. PatNX connect 3 Ps – Patient, Physician, Provider – to see same single view of their-permissible patient information anytime, anywhere. Patient can provide “Insights and Intelligence” on the visit. PatNX aims to help health business deliver superior care and services.
  2. PatNX.AI has Text (prescription), Facial (gender) and Image Recognition (Compare, Match, Diagnosis and Recommendation)
  3. S2E.AI (Screen-to-Enter) allows to screen entrants to a premise. Manager enters questions/answer-choice, rules/conditions, statuses and business-messages. Patient/visitor use smartphone to engage and provide responses. S2E.AI evaluates responses and delivers a status-based message. S2E.AI aims to create a “safer environment”.


CEMOSoft platforms can be implemented in 3 ways: Cloud, Edge with Intel® IOT, Hybrid Cloud.  Email inquiries: patnx@cemosoft.com

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