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Keynote speakers

Adrienne Boissy

Chief Experience Officer
Cleveland Clinic

Kelly Hancock

Chief Nursing Officer
Cleveland Clinic

Mr. Kelly Leonard

Executive Director of Insights and Applied Improvisation
The Second City

Susan Frampton

Planetree International

Sunil Gupta

Harvard Business School

Alpa Vyas

Vice President, Patient Experience
Stanford Health Care

Sean Slovenski

Senior Vice President, Health & Wellness

Shoshanna Ungerleider

End Well

Peter DeMarco

Losing Laura


Lisa Allen

Chief Patient Experience Officer
John Hopkins Medicine

David Bloom

Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor
University of Michigan

Gabrielle Cavazos

Coordinator, Service Excellence
Northwell Health Long Island Jewish Medical Center

Laura Cooley

Senior Director of Education and Outreach
Academy of Communication in Healthcare

Victoria DeLuca

Project Manager
Cleveland Clinic

Michelle Dolan

Associate Market Research Analyst
Cleveland Clinic

Alan Dubovsky

Chief Experience Officer

Paul Ford

Director, Center for Bioethics
Cleveland Clinic

Carolyn Fung

Director of National Programs
Hope for Henry Foundation

Meenakshi Gapa

Nursing Professional Development Specialist
Cleveland Clinic

Thomas Howell

Medical Director of Patient Experience
Mayo Clinic

Paul Jaglowski

Co-Founder and CEO

Jane Jankowski

Clinical Bioethicist
Cleveland Clinic

Randy Jotte

Emergency Physician, Physician Advisor
Washington University

Joseph Kesselbrenner

Senior Systems Analyst
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Jennifer Kistama

Nursing Quality Manager
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Diane Klein

Service Designer
Mayo Clinic

Glenn Kopelson

UCLA Neurpsychiatric PFAC

Allison Matthews

Service Designer
Mayo Clinic

Shawn Nason

Founder and CEO

Anushka Patchava

Strategy Lead, vHealth
Aetna International

Lauren Peeples

Learning and Development Specialist
Cleveland Clinic

Heather Preston

Senior Advisory, Training, Education and Coaching
Mayo Clinic

Jeff Robbins

Coordinator Patient Experience Improvement
University of Missouri Health Care

Mustaqeem Siddiqui

Enterprise Medical Director Mayo Experience Training, Education, and Coaching
Mayo Clinic

Amy Szabo

Program Manager: Our Voice Healthcare Partners and Human Centered Design
Cleveland Clinic

Rubabin Tooba

Resident Physician
Cleveland Clinic

Stephen Trzeciak

Chief of Medicine
Cooper University Health Care

Brooke Werneberg

Advisor – Training, Education & Coaching
Mayo Clinic

Amy Windover

Director, Center for Excellence in Healthcare Communication
Cleveland Clinic

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