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Keynote speakers

Adrienne Boissy

Chief Experience Officer
Cleveland Clinic

Kelly Hancock

Chief Caregiver Officer
Cleveland Clinic


Nancy Albert

Associate Chief Nursing Officer, Office of Research and Innovation
Cleveland Clinic

Ashton Applewhite

This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism

Stephanie Bayer

Senior Director, Patient Experience
Cleveland Clinic

Rebecca Brustad

Patient Experience Manager Training, Education and Coaching
Mayo Clinic

Nicole Cable

Chief Experience Officer

Lynn Charbonneau

Manager, Patient Relations/Guest Services
Tampa General Hospital

Susan Collins

Global Head of Healthcare Services

Laura Cooley

Senior Director of Education and Outreach
Academy of Communication in Healthcare

Frank Cuttita

Patient, Chief Executive Officer, Founder
HealthTech Decisions Lab

Andrea Dalzell

Registered Nurse and Disability Rights Advocate
New York State

Chrissy Daniels

Chief Experience Officer
Press Ganey

Marten den Haring

Chief Operating Officer

Alan Dubovsky

Chief Experience Officer

Rick Evans

Chief Experience Officer
NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

Rini Gahir

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Sven Gierlinger

Senior Vice President, Chief Experience Officer
Northwell Health

Toya Gorley

Improvement Advisor
NRC Health

Dr. Ardeshir Hashmi

Director-Center for Geriatric Medicine
Cleveland Clinic

Michael Hasselberg

Associate Professor
University of Rochester Medical Center

Michael Hebb


Barbara Hernandez

Director of Physician Vitality
Loma Linda University Health

Jen Horonjeff

Founder & CEO
Savvy Cooperative

Olivia Jee

Clinical Assistant Professor, Primary Care and Population Health
Stanford School of Medicine

Bill Johansen

Senior Director, Human Resources
Cleveland Clinic

Paul Kuzmickas

Director, Ombudsman Office
Cleveland Clinic

Toni Land

Clinical Healthcare Experience

Katharine Lawrence

NYU Langone

Stephen Meldon

Senior Vice Chair, Emergency Services
Cleveland Clinic

Mike Miliard

Executive Editor
Healthcare IT News, HIMSS Media

Tamara Montacute

Clinical Assistant Professor, Primary Care and Population Health
Stanford School of Medicine

Barbara Morgan

Associate Chief Nursing Officer, Emergency Services
Cleveland Clinic

Duane Napier

Business Development Director, Healthcare

Callie Patel

Director, Innovation Consulting

Silvia Perez-Protto

Medical Doctor, End of Life Center
Cleveland Clinic

Heather Preston

Senior Advisor – Experience Training, Education and Coaching
Mayo Clinic

Michele Reali-Sorrell

Enterprise Nurse Manager, Forensic Nursing
Cleveland Clinic

Jennifer Richman

University of Rochester Medical Center

Anthony Roetzel

Regional Operations Police Commander
Cleveland Clinic

Carol Santalucia

Director, Service Excellence and Culture Center for Excellence in Healthcare Communication
Cleveland Clinic

Janet Schuster

Chief Nursing Officer
Cleveland Clinic Lutheran Hospital

Ghazala Sharieff

Chief Medical Officer, Clinical Excellence and Experience

Gordon Snow

Chief Security Officer
Cleveland Clinic

Sara Vaezy

Chief Digital Strategy Officer
Providence St. Joseph Health

Brooke Werneburg

Advisor – Experience Training, Education and Coaching
Mayo Clinic

Ashley Withrow

Program Manager, Victim Assistance Program
Cleveland Clinic

Christina Wong

Senior Product Manager, Healthcare and Life Sciences

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