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Rini Gahir

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

As a healthcare technologist and an entrepreneur, Rini Gahir has always strived to innovate in all that he’s done, bringing valuable solutions to an industry that is positively impacting the lives of patients every day. When he became a dad to an autistic son, his innovative spirit became fueled by an even more personal passion. Rini is now on a mission to create solutions that connect individuals with complex care conditions to resources that allow them to live lives of inclusion, participation, and independence. Modern technology enables new digital experiences, helping families, care providers and individuals collaborate and create personalized plans for high quality patient care. As a co-founder of Mozzaz, Rini has seen this new standard for care come to fruition by deploying “smart” technologies that enable personalized digital interventions and mobile care plans.

Rini’s technical background is in data science, mathematics, and health informatics, and he specializes in statistical modeling and actuarial science as it relates to clinical, public, and population health. His time as a serial technology entrepreneur has afforded him two previously successful ventures, award-winning products, and tenure with Microsoft in executive product management, partner management, and platform strategy. Although Rini’s elated to see the strides the healthcare industry has made, there is still so much that can, and needs, to be done to support complex care. Rini believes tech-enablement of digital and virtual personalized care is the future and, together, our industry can make a difference.

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