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Jen Horonjeff

Founder & CEO
Savvy Cooperative

Jen Horonjeff, PhD, is a passionate patient advocate and the founder and CEO of Savvy Cooperative, a patient-owned co-op that facilitates patient and professional collaboration in healthcare innovations. Dr. Horonjeff was diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis and other chronic autoimmune diseases as an infant, and had a brain tumor removed 6 years ago. She earned her PhD in Environmental Medicine at New York University and is also a patient-centered outcomes researcher at Columbia University Medical Center, a human factors engineer, and an FDA Consumer Representative. Dr. Horonjeff works closely with OMERACT and ICHOM to ensure the patient voice is heard in clinical trial outcome selection and treatment guidelines, respectively. Firmly believes that the future of healthcare is co-designed with patients, Dr. Horonjeff strives to give patients a platform to have their voices and experiences be heard, valued and included.

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