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David Newhouse


David Newhouse, MD retired from The Permanente Medical Group in the San Francisco Bay Area after 37 years in healthcare.  He held leadership roles including departmental chief, assistant-physician- in chief and program director for the Fremont IVF center.  His roles as assistant-physician-in chief included diversity, performance improvement, service, marketing, and leadership development. In 2003, he developed a program using analytics to improve physician service scores by race/ethnicity, gender and age. Using analytics, potential unconscious bias in the physician could be identified and corrective actions created. This program could also be used at the department and medical center level.

He is currently on the boards for the Augustus White MD Institute for Healthcare Equity and the Contra Costa County Crisis Center. He is a consultant for Percipio which does training on unconscious bias and for BRIIA. BRIIA located in San Ramon California, is an accelerator program for startup companies.

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