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Visualizing Patient Feedback to Advance Staff Engagement

May 19, 2020
12:20pm - 1:00pm
Room 26

Bridging patient feedback and a clinician's daily work is key to creating a culture of exceptional service. At Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK), speakers will break down the patient experience survey data into customizable tiles that translate into actionable opportunities for bedside practitioners across all areas of the institution. This allows MSK to bring their Relationship Based Care practice model to life. 

Using data visualization software, the MSK Nursing Quality-Patient Experience Dashboard allows users to create unit-specific patient survey data dashboards that track their improvement journeys in real time. They utilize custom Priority Indexes to create simple yet meaningful visuals that embody the Department of Nursing's goals and priorities.

In this session, the speakers will discuss how they provide meaningful metrics for frontline staff and leadership that align with institutional needs, allowing staff of all levels to be empowered and engaged to monitor and strengthen their role in patient experience.


Nursing Quality Manager
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Senior Systems Analyst
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center



Healthcare leaders at the forefront of the global patient experience movement will address which systems, tools and insights revolutionize the role of the patient and the caregiver. We’ll explore patient perspectives and clinical considerations to understand how empathy and innovation must be incorporated as integral pillars to deliver the best clinical, physical and emotional experience in healthcare.


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