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Listen to Me! Centralizing Patient Voices to Improve Healthcare Innovations

May 19, 2020
12:20pm - 1:00pm
Room 23

The Hope for Henry Foundation works to improve hospital care for children and their families and gauging the needs of seriously ill children is a challenge with lengthy surveys. In order to collect the data normally gathered in a survey, Hope for Henry has developed, with the help of app developers, a “game” to collect information to better understand how to meet patients’ needs. In this session, Carolyn Schneiders Fung, director of national programs, Hope for Henry, will discuss how they’ve implemented this technology and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.


Director of National Programs
Hope for Henry Foundation



Healthcare leaders at the forefront of the global patient experience movement will address which systems, tools and insights revolutionize the role of the patient and the caregiver. We’ll explore patient perspectives and clinical considerations to understand how empathy and innovation must be incorporated as integral pillars to deliver the best clinical, physical and emotional experience in healthcare.


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