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Exploring Intersections between Technology, Relationships, and Communication

May 19, 2020
11:30am - 12:10pm
Room 19

Interpersonal communication and relationships between patients, providers, and among healthcare teams surface as the most significant drivers influencing patient experience outcomes. During the session, the speaker will present data regarding the importance of rehumanizing care delivery in the digital age. The speaker will build evidence-based for the value of interpersonal skill development, while also acknowledging the value of integrating innovative technology solutions for patients and providers. Participants will engage in short interactive practices to gain insight regarding techniques for establishing the human connection through relationship-centered communication. 

The session will ultimately emphasize opportunities for leveraging technology and innovation, along with the development of fundamental humanistic skills, as an optimistic approach for the future state of healthcare experiences.



Senior Director of Education and Outreach
Academy of Communication in Healthcare

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