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Keynote: Healthcare's Role in Building Power with Community

February 11, 2021
12:40pm - 12:55pm

COVID-19 has brought clinicians and healthcare workers in greater solidarity with our communities than ever before. Our patients are whole people who are affected by what happens in this world. 2020 brought us both the pandemic of coronavirus and the awareness and action around an ongoing pandemic of racism. These dual pandemics greatly impacted our communities, and healthcare has responded in a variety of ways.

So what does it mean to build power with the community? What is healthcare’s role? As we focus on empathy, innovation, and communication — what can this look like in nimble, responsive systems? Anjali Taneja will share some strategies that her team has utilized at Casa de Salud, a culturally humble and anti-racist community clinic in New Mexico. These include:

  • - Building relational systems of care, rooted in community, that can quickly respond to the needs of community members, especially those from marginalized groups.
  • Transforming and diversifying the healthcare workforce, through apprenticeship and mentoring of young people, primarily young women of color, from the community.
  • Organizing and advocating for deep structural change, building trust with community, to battle these two pandemics of COVID and racism.


Executive Director
Casa de Salud

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