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The 5 P’s of A Quality Patient Experience

Monday, May 18  |  12:30 – 4:30 pm
Huntington Convention Center | Cleveland
Requires Separate Registration & $150 Registration Fee

Join PCHAlliance at the Patient Experience Summit to reimagine health and navigate the rising waters of healthcare consumerism.

Digital health technologies are shaping a more convenient, personal, and engaging care experience. Technology is essential to meeting critical challenges in healthcare, such as: addressing the clinician shortage, improving care for vulnerable populations, and empowering the patient to take control of their care.

This program will examine five components that can enable a hospital and health system to use technology to amplify the human component, and provide efficient, compassionate care that consumers demand.

What you'll Learn

This program will introduce the audience to solutions that allow hospitals to deliver on the five “P’s” of a quality patient experience.

1. Perception   2. Personalization   3. Process   4. Physical Environment   5. Platform

Topics Areas

  • How can provider organizations bring care to the home?
  • What innovations are working and ready to scale?
  • Addressing current and future needs, including extra disease burden and shortages of healthcare providers
  • Case-studies from the field
  • And more

Let’s Move Forward Together


On a monthly-basis, this six-part digital series will delve into perspectives from patients, caregivers and leaders from across the healthcare industry to address changing implications for empathetic care.


Patient Experience Digital Series