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Cleveland, OH
Cleveland Clinic
May 13-15, 2019

Si Ching Lim

Senior Consultant, Geriatric Medicine
Changi General Hospital

Lim Si Ching is a Senior Consultant Geriatrician at Changi General Hospital (CGH) in Singapore, with a special interest in dementia. Prof Lim is currently in charge of a 20-bedded dementia ward in CGH. She is responsible for developing the ward and training the staff in managing elderly with delirium and dementia with challenging behaviors. She is also teaching the nurses hospital wide in the management of elderly patients with behavioral symptoms without using physical restraints. She has developed a clinical pathway for delirium and revamped the restraint protocol in CGH. She has developed care bundle for the delirious patients in CGH, in order to provide better cared for the agitated elderly.

May 14, 2019
1:30pm - 2:10pm
Room 21

As the world ages, the elderly with dementia will continue to increase, putting a tremendous strain on the healthcare system and infrastructure.  Most acute hospitals are not well prepared to look after this group of vulnerable patients exhibiting behavioral symptoms, and they often end up being restrained physically and or chemically to reduce falls and injuries. Restraint use has not shown to reduce falls, and, on the contrary, the prolonged immobility from restraint usage results in physical deconditioning, infections and long hospital stay. 

In this session, attendees will learn how Changi General Hospital in Singapore designed its dementia ward to house elderly patients with difficult to manage behavioral symptoms without restraints unless necessary. The model focuses on person-centered care and includes various non-pharmacological means to manage behavioral symptoms.

May 14, 2019
11:35am - 12:15pm
Room 22

Globally there is a new and significant focus on patient experience. From a more competitive global market to financial reimbursements dependent on a higher standard of care and patient satisfaction, patient experience is at a critical focal point for healthcare leaders around the world. Healthcare leaders who desire to infuse exceptional patient experience into the DNA of their culture will drive continuous improvement and accountability through all departments and teams.

This inspirational panel of healthcare leaders from diverse countries will discuss the beneficial impacts resulting from this new focus of providing the optimal patient experience.  Hear and learn about cultural aspects impacting patient experiences, new global trends, technologies, challenges, and regulations which both support and hinder the development of exceptional patient experiences around the globe.

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