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Cleveland Clinic
May 13-15, 2019 | Cleveland, OH

Cindy Sieck

Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine
Wexler Medical Center, The Ohio State University

Dr. Sieck received her doctorate in health behavior and health education from the University of Michigan School of Public Health. Her doctoral training focused on mixed methods research, health behavior change theories and intervention design. Dr. Sieck also received a Masters of Public Health in public and community health services and Bachelor of Science in psychology from the University of Pittsburgh. 

Dr. Sieck’s research focuses on the interaction of health information technology (HIT) and patient engagement. With her background in health behavior and health education, her research seeks to understand how patients can utilize technology to increase their level of engagement, defined as their participation in their own health care and how healthcare systems can best support patients in these efforts. She also studies the development and validation of measures to be utilized by both researchers and healthcare systems to understand patient needs related to engagement. 



Healthcare leaders at the forefront of the global patient experience movement will address which systems, tools and insights revolutionize the role of the patient and the caregiver. We’ll explore patient perspectives and clinical considerations to understand how empathy and innovation must be incorporated as integral pillars to deliver the best clinical, physical and emotional experience in healthcare.


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