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CEMOSoft is an innovation platform of newer capabilities with emerging technologies (Mobile, Cloud, Intelligent Software, IOT-Edge, NUC-KIOSK, Big Data Analytics) as enablers for the healthcare industry. CEMOSoft focus is Patient Engagement and Experience (“PatNX”) to provide healthcare businesses (single physician, group, HMOs, Satellite/Rural facilities), newer ways to engage patient, manage experience and integrate information seamlessly with EHRs. 

CEMOSoft offers three implementation alternatives: Cloud, Cloud-EDGE-IOT and Cloud-KIOSK-NUC.  Patients use Mobile-phone or a Kiosk-on-premise to engage, and information resides in Cloud or premise-IOT-Gateway or a NUC (Next-unit-of-computing). The platform is real-time, dynamic and customizable. CEMOSoft eco-partners includes: Intel Corporation, IOT Solutions alliances, IBM, Processware Systems.

CEMOSoft LLC is based in Arizona and is an innovation led business delivering newer capabilities with emerging technologies (Mobile, Cloud, Intelligent Software) as enablers for the healthcare industry. CEMOSoft focuses on CEOs #-1* capability pick for businesses -- “Customer Experience Management”. CEMOSoft innovations help businesses with digitization solutions to build big ‘smart’ data for the future personalization, preferences, predictive and prescriptive analytics.  CEMOSoft intent is to address the needs of emerging demographics – Millennials/Gen-Z to baby-boomers with a Mobile platform, simple and affordable.  CEMOSoft Cloud-Kiosk solution for offices helps to deliver a better patient engagement experience.

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