MAY 15-18, 2016

Cleveland Convention Center
Cleveland, Ohio



Patient Experience: Empathy + Innovation Summit

Transforming Healthcare through Empathy and Innovation

May 15-18, 2016 | Cleveland Convention Center | Cleveland, Ohio

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Thanks to those who attended the sixth annual Patient Experience: Empathy + Innovation Summit.

I said it before and I’ll say it again – in a field growing in conferences and symposiums, we deeply appreciate the time you took to join us this year. It is our absolute honor to host an event that brings together over 2,100 people who are committed to not just the patient or caregiver experience, but to the human experience.

We hope the summit created an opportunity for you to showcase the work you are all doing and to connect with others who may enrich the field. The blending of research, innovation, patient and clinician voice, strategy, and frontline reality inspires us to work even harder in the coming years. We learned so much from all of you.

With that said, we also hope you had a bit of fun and felt energized returning home. We’ve been flooded with stories of empathy amplified. Stories we hope to hear more about next year…

If you are still carrying your summit evaluation form, please return it! We want to hear from you. Your input will shape what we do next year.  Email us at or tweet us at #pesummit.

Relationships. Transparency. Innovation. Engagement. You drove these concepts throughout the summit, and we applaud your dedication and fierce commitment to each.

Thanks again for attending and hope to see you next year on May 15-18, 2016!

Adrienne Boissy, MD, MA
Chief Experience Officer, Cleveland Clinic
A.K.A. Your Fellow Empathy Amplifier

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The World’s Largest, Independent
Conference Devoted to Improving the Patient Experience

Taking place on May 17-20, 2015, at the Cleveland Convention Center in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, the sixth annual Patient Experience: Empathy + Innovation Summit is a four-day, inter-professional conference devoted to exploring patient experience as a key differentiator essential to healthcare delivery. The Summit features expert speakers, panel discussions and workshops about the global patient experience movement, providing participants from all disciplines the opportunity to identify shared challenges, engage in discussion and inspire innovative solutions.

The Patient Experience: Empathy + Innovation Summit brings together patient experience leaders, healthcare executives, nursing leaders, and other stakeholders for presentations, debate and candid discussion of key issues that drive a positive experience. Attendees will hear how organizations around the world strive to deliver the best clinical, physical and emotional experience to patients and families.

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Very interesting. We learned how to share stories. This is how we realize we all share universal emotions, how we influence people and how we all strive to serve.

—2014 Summit Attendee

This is the core of healthcare that often gets lost in the politics or day to day pressures. Thank you.

—2014 Summit Attendee

This session was fantastic. Very forward thinking and reflective of current trends.

—2014 Summit Attendee

Excellent presentation. Thank you for bringing him to your conference.

—2014 Summit Attendee

This session really made me think about how to create an environment to exceed the patient’s experience.

—2014 Summit Attendee

Wow! The emotion of this mother’s experience was hugely impactful. Love the patient stories.

—2014 Summit Attendee

Strong content, well presented, practical and actionable information. I can take this home and do it!

—2014 Summit Attendee

This session defined why I came to this conference.  I’ll be back.

—2014 Summit Attendee

Wonderful minds coming together for the greater good of mankind!

—2014 Summit Attendee