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Thank you for participating in the seventh annual Patient Experience: Empathy + Innovation Summit.

Caring transformed makes me think of two things. First, we are embracing a healthcare system without walls, incentives are creating new programs and priorities, and technology continues to drive us all faster. We increasingly also recognize the interconnectivity of engagement, quality, and experience. My second thought about caring transformed was the impact of all these changes on the experience of care and the people who deliver it. Are we changing the fundamental dynamic of care? Does it matter? Do people still know the power of relationships? Of empathy? How do we continue to support our own caregivers as their worlds continue to change, and we draw them further from the patients they care most about?

I walked out of the summit thinking these are some of the most important issues healthcare will need to address, not just the patient experience. I also walked out feeling more rooted in the things that really matter, and more connected than ever to a broad, dynamic, and international community of passionate colleagues and friends (who will fix invisibilitis, i-know-besterosis, and ingnoropathy).

This conference is designed for people like you, and your opinions and submissions drive future Summit agendas. I’m beginning to think “empathy in design” is critical to the new world moving ahead – new programs, buildings, and processes must anticipate how patients AND caregivers feel and deliver solutions to care for both. So, let’s make that next year’s theme…

I encourage you to visit the Association for Patient Experience website at to become a member and continue the discussion we've started here.

Thanks again for joining us. We have so much to learn from you, and you inspire people like me to keep going. By driving this work together, I know that “Caring Transformed” will never lose the Caring.


Adrienne Boissy, MD, MA
Chief Experience Officer, Cleveland Clinic

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Extremely well organized for optimization of time and value

—2015 Summit Attendee

Thank you for a great experience; this was my first time attending and I'll definitely be coming every year

—2015 Summit Attendee

This conference has inspired me to bring back this passion for patient experience to my facility to create a comforting trustworthy environment for the patient – thank you so much!

—2015 Summit Attendee

This has been an amazing learning opportunity; I have been inspired a number of times by the courage, passion and incredible work of your speakers

—2015 Summit Attendee

It gives me hope that I am on the right path, my program can make in-roads, and healthcare can be about healing

—2015 Summit Attendee

A room full of people like me – feels like a dream!

—2015 Summit Attendee

The interactive breakout session on Engagement Strategies was the most informative action-oriented session I attended

—2015 Summit Attendee

The summit felt “cool” and meaningful at the same time.

—2015 Summit Attendee

Would love to bring all Administrative Team members of our hospital including medical/clinic/emergency room. We can all learn from this summit.

—2015 Summit Attendee