2017 Empathy Amplified Award Winner is Dr. Menh Phanavarine (Rin)

Nomination Letter submitted on Dr. Rin's behalf:

Dear Evaluation Committee:

It is with great pleasure and a privilege to nominate this brilliant and dedicated doctor – Dr. Menh Phanavarine (a.k.a Dr. Rin) for consideration of the 2017 Empathy Amplified Award Nomination.

She is one of the inspiring Doctors of the Sihanouk Hospital Center of HOPE ( Even though she was one of those who were personally affected by the tragedy of the Khmer Rouge regime- having lost immediate family members, suffered difficult or traumatic childhoods and experienced severe disruption of their own education; her contribution to help more than 1 million patients receiving free care since 1996 is highly commendable.

If you will conduct a comprehensive survey on Patient satisfaction on her, you will definitely get an excellent score because she’s always been a favorite Doctor the moment we had experience her usual compassionate care. Come to think that the service is free for the disadvantaged and poor Cambodian people; it is staggering because her efforts truly made a difference as she gives a high equal quality care on both rich or poor patients.

My personal experience with her was back in October 2013 where my father had gone through emergency due to brain stroke. I could still imagine how worst it could be without her genuine interest to help us. Lights radiate through her face, her words and her actions; making us felt being assured that she will do her best. During that moment of uncertainty…we felt safe and that she restored our hope which seems that did not exist anymore. In all our consultation done with her, she’s consistently expressing active interest in what we are saying making us feel seen, heard and valued. She understands our fears and motivates us to be positive making us calmer than the situation itself. Her humility also shown that in spite of her education and knowledge, she knows when she needs to refer us to another Doctor or Specialist saying sorry to us but offering an alternative solution.

Since I worked in hospital Finance and seeing how much she gets for her salary, I believe that she’s always been making her compassion bigger than her pocket; she gives more than she’s paid for and that what makes patients, International Volunteers/visitors, her students and her colleague love her so much.

With these, I strongly urge you to award her the 2017 Empathy Amplified Award Nomination. Thank you for this opportunity, may your organization be continuously blessed as you continuously becoming a blessing to many people.

Maricel Manoza


The Deadline for Nominations has passed

Patient care is more than just healing — it’s building a connection that encompasses mind, body and soul. If you could stand in someone else’s shoes . . . hear what they hear. See what they see. Feel what they feel. Would you treat them differently?

Empathy is the ability to imagine oneself in another’s place and to communicate that understanding back to. The Empathy Amplified Award is an annual award created to recognize those that embody empathy and relationship centered care beyond what is expected in their role. By delivering care with our hearts and minds, the empathy we convey to our patients, families, and to each other, creates a culture that embraces the human experience…the very core of healthcare.


  • Recognize a caregiver (healthcare professional, frontline staff, social workers, teams, etc...) who consistently demonstrates an exceptional ability to communicate empathy
  • Celebrate those who innovate in their role to deliver empathy consistently

Nomination Criteria – Nominations by speakers and attendees of caregivers who:

  • Communicate with compassion, and treat others with dignity and respect
  • Give others choice, involving patients in their treatment decisions
  • Understand the importance of the patients’ families and loved ones
  • Demonstrate curiosity and openness to knowing the person not just the disease
  • Are innovative in how they bring empathy and compassion to their work regardless of role
  • Empower the patient to learn or cope effectively with his or her environment
  • Create new programs or go above and beyond to serve the needs of our patients
Nomination Process - Nominations to be submitted via online survey
Winner Criteria - Winner will be chosen upon review of all applications by Review Committee 


  • Nomination Deadline - February 23
  • Winner Notified - March 9
  • Award Presented May 22 at the Patient Experience Summit



1. What is the Empathy Amplified Award?

The Empathy Amplified Award is an annual award created to recognize those dedicated to transforming care. By delivering care with courtesy, communication and compassion, the empathy we convey to our patients, families and to each other creates the culture of caring we continually work toward. The award recipient is honored before an audience of 2,000 health care executives and caregivers at the annual Patient Experience Summit in Cleveland, Ohio.

2. Who is eligible?

The nominee must provide direct patient care. (Physicians, nurses, social workers, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, chaplains, etc.)

3. Who can nominate?

Nominations may be submitted by colleagues, patients, or family members of the nominee.

4. What are the benefits?

  • National recognition, including letter to your executive leadership
  • Trophy
  • Complimentary registration and travel to annual Patient Experience Summit

5. What is the nomination deadline?

The 2017 deadline is February 23.

6. How is the recipient honored?

The award recipient is honored before an audience of 2,000 healthcare professionals and caregivers at the annual Patient Experience Summit in Cleveland.  

Extremely well organized for optimization of time and value

—2016 Summit Attendee

Thank you for a great experience; this was my first time attending and I'll definitely be coming every year

—2016 Summit Attendee

This conference has inspired me to bring back this passion for patient experience to my facility to create a comforting trustworthy environment for the patient – thank you so much!

—2016 Summit Attendee

This has been an amazing learning opportunity; I have been inspired a number of times by the courage, passion and incredible work of your speakers

—2016 Summit Attendee

It gives me hope that I am on the right path, my program can make in-roads, and healthcare can be about healing

—2016 Summit Attendee

A room full of people like me – feels like a dream!

—2016 Summit Attendee

The interactive breakout session on Engagement Strategies was the most informative action-oriented session I attended

—2016 Summit Attendee

The summit felt “cool” and meaningful at the same time.

—2016 Summit Attendee

Would love to bring all Administrative Team members of our hospital including medical/clinic/emergency room. We can all learn from this summit.

—2016 Summit Attendee