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Cleveland Clinic Main Campus Tours

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CEHC offers: Delivering Bad News course

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Registration Opens

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Summit Opens - Kick Off Adrienne Boissy, MD, MA, Chief Experience Officer, Cleveland Clinic

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm
In Shock – My Journey from Doctor to Patient and Back Again

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2:10 pm - 3:00 pm ~ Breakout Session #1
breakout Understanding and Empathizing with the Voice of the Patient - Our Journey to Solve Patient Access through Applied Science

A network-wide initiative, “Access Always” launched to improve access and patient experience utilized a Lean Six Sigma tool for rationalizing and prioritizing proven solution bundle sets. Patient experience improved from 39th to 64th percentile, while visit volume increased by 13% across 1,100 provider practice-all within one year. A host of process metrics also improved including new patient lag ratio (22% to 44%) for primary care, over 10% in 14 specialties, significant increase in provider utilization, to name a few. Our goal within the “Empathy by Design” Patient Experience Summit is to provide a road map, tools and implementable solutions to specific defects with respect to access and the patient experience through a deep understanding of the Voice of the Customer-the patient.

breakout breakout Enhancing Communication Skills: A Pathway to Strengthening Empathy and Resilience in Caregivers

It is essential that the healthcare industry takes care of the medical caregivers that take care of our patients. We need to do this in a way that promotes a culture that values, supports, and encourages care-givers. Recognizing the link between engagement, experience and resilience, we utilized a communication and strengths based coaching program helped to build resiliency through renewing our caregivers with a sense of purpose.

breakout Family Visitation Matters: Meeting the Needs of Child Visitors in the Adult ICU

Literature confirms the significant impact acute/chronic illness and hospitalization have on children of adult patients and demonstrates the need for psychosocial support. This session focuses on strategies and lessons learned by the presenters in development of a Children of Adult Patients (CoAP) program to support patients/families with children during crisis. It will include an in-depth discussion on how to prepare children for ICU visitation and provide support during terminal diagnoses and/or death of a parent or loved one. Attendees will gain the knowledge needed to promote family visitation, support the needs of children, and gain insights on how to develop a CoAP program at their institution.  

breakout breakout The Heart of the Matter: Reducing ED Patient Suffering

Emergency Department wait times are a national challenge. How can we effectively adapt to the volume and complexity of the communities served and design an experience to provide world-class quality and service? This session offers an overview of Northwell Health’s pragmatic and holistic approach to reduce suffering in their Emergency Departments, with over 760,000 ED patient visits per year. Participants will learn results-focused interventions used to positively impact areas of communication, care delivery, hospitality, accountability as well as a Six Sigma care model leveraging patient experience drivers.

breakout Arts & Health by Design

There is mounting evidence showing positive effects of the arts on health and well-being. However, creating and growing an Arts in Medicine program in a healthcare setting is challenging. During this interactive session, we will discuss practical steps to design a successful program, drawing from the speakers’ experience within three different healthcare systems in the Cleveland area.

breakout breakout Mobile, Real-time Rounding Improves Patient, Family & Staff Experience

In this session, we'll discuss the importance of proactively engaging patients and families during a hospital stay using mobile technology to conduct, manage, and track nurse leader rounds. We'll also address how to standardize the rounding process to capture meaningful, actionable patient feedback data, as well as, staff rounding to continuous improvement in patient care, safety, experience and outcomes. 

breakout breakout Design of Patient-Centric Standardized Discharge Process

This session will provide numerous case studies on how to initiate and sustain organization wide changes to the design and delivery of health care using inputs from evidence-based medicine and patient feedback. We will look at examples from both inpatient and outpatient delivery settings. Attendees will also be able to learn more on strategies to empower their frontline caregivers, and create a continuous improvement culture within their organization.

breakout Holistic Initiatives in Acute Patient Care: A Patient Story

Explore a firsthand account from a patient, her family member and our interdisciplinary team on how having a holistic approach to whole person care affected her hospital stay and her family member’s new direction in giving back. Team members from front line staff to extended holistic partners review holistic initiatives and give an overview of patient requests, encounters and outcomes in the inpatient setting. Attendees will be able to not only hear the story but experience it with artistic multimedia venues developed by the family and patient. 

breakout breakout How Design Thinking Turned One Hospital into a Bright and Comforting Place

By incorporating design principles into their process and using fear reduction as its corporate philosophy, the Rotterdam Eye Hospital transformed into a bright and comforting Hospital. During this interactive breakout session the participants will decide which examples from a/o The Rotterdam Eye Hospital they would like to see presented.

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Networking Break

3:30 pm - 4:20 pm ~ Breakout Session #2
breakout Engaging Patients in Quality and Safety Improvements

Moderated by Aaron Hamilton, MD.

Research shows that when patients are engaged in their health care, it can lead to measurable improvements in safety and quality. Designing programs and systems that involve patients and their family in improvement efforts provide additional perspective, insights, and solutions to address the most difficult clinical and operational challenges. This session will describe approaches and best practices to promote stronger patient and family engagement to promote quality, safety and improved care.

breakout breakout Building a System Wide Communication Program and Measuring the Impact

It can be difficult to figure out how to start improving communication within your organization, especially in a meaningful way. This session will review how our large academic institution started on that journey, the lessons we’ve learned along the way and how we’re keeping the momentum going. We will also discuss the data looking at how our communication program impacted physician burnout, empathy, surgeon communication as well as other measures.

breakout What We Didn't Expect to Learn - Measuring the Design Success of the Built Environment

In 2009, Cincinnati Children’s embarked on a journey to redefine its patient, family and staff experience within their built environments. In order to measure its success and drive future improvement opportunities, a quality improvement process was developed. This session will provide insights into this process, planned and unintended insights gathered and how these insights are translated into strategies for continual improvement.

breakout breakout Picture Perfect: Operations Design to a Better Patient Experience

Cleveland Clinic’s Buildings & Properties team takes a hands on approach to impacting the experience of all patients and caregivers who enter their doors. Through "Picture Perfect", a dedicated and meticulously planned room refresh program, Cleveland Clinic has enjoyed an increase in patient experience metrics, operational effectiveness and caregiver engagement. We invite you to come learn more about the interdepartmental collaboration that occurs at the crosswalk of operations and clinical pathways.

breakout An Introduction to Shared Medical Appointments

Where would you start if you were considering a Shared Medical Appointment in your practice? Hear from 2 healthcare organizations sharing their experience and advice. Participate in an interactive, informal question and answer format focusing on how SMA's can benefit your practice.

breakout breakout Access and Value Marketing and Virtual Technology

Access to great care for acute emergencies or even long-term care for chronic diseases can be challenging for many reasons. What if technologies existed to allow patients to access great care when they wanted it, and from where they wanted it? This session will review on-demand virtual access to their care team and other engagement technologies, for both acute and chronic conditions, to increase patient touches for greater patient ownership of their health.

breakout Hospitalist Leadership in the Design of the Inpatient Experience

Great patient and provider experiences are a product of design, not chance. Three hospitalist leaders will walk you through how to design a hospital system that delivers care for patients and staff alike. 
  • Lean Design Principles for Better Patient, Provider and Staff Experiences
    Diane Sliwka, MD
  • Redesigning Inpatient Units Through User-Centered Retreats
    Patrick Kneeland, MD
  • Partnering with Patient and Family Advisors to Transform Bedside Communication
    Robert J. Hoffman, MD

breakout Mercy Virtual: A Decade + Journey

Learn about Mercy’s innovative approach to virtual medicine and how it enhances team-based, patient-centered care. It is much more than telemedicine, providing expert, interdisciplinary care to the those with the highest needs, when and where needed. 

breakout breakout When Patients and Families Co-Design Trainings for Staff, Providers, and Medical Students

Come learn from Stanford Health Care’s Patient & Family Partner Program, a national model for patient & family engagement in health care, and one of the largest in existence with over 140 Patient & Family Partners and 16 Patient & Family Advisory Councils. Gain skills and knowledge you can apply to your trainings and programs through this interactive session. Stanford Health Care will share several examples on how they engaged patients and families as partners on various curriculum design and trainings focused on different audiences, including staff, providers, and medical students.

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Attendee Welcome Reception with Exhibitors and International Attendee Reception

Extremely well organized for optimization of time and value

—2016 Summit Attendee

Thank you for a great experience; this was my first time attending and I'll definitely be coming every year

—2016 Summit Attendee

This conference has inspired me to bring back this passion for patient experience to my facility to create a comforting trustworthy environment for the patient – thank you so much!

—2016 Summit Attendee

This has been an amazing learning opportunity; I have been inspired a number of times by the courage, passion and incredible work of your speakers

—2016 Summit Attendee

It gives me hope that I am on the right path, my program can make in-roads, and healthcare can be about healing

—2016 Summit Attendee

A room full of people like me – feels like a dream!

—2016 Summit Attendee

The interactive breakout session on Engagement Strategies was the most informative action-oriented session I attended

—2016 Summit Attendee

The summit felt “cool” and meaningful at the same time.

—2016 Summit Attendee

Would love to bring all Administrative Team members of our hospital including medical/clinic/emergency room. We can all learn from this summit.

—2016 Summit Attendee