MAY 17 – 20, 2015

Cleveland Convention Center
Cleveland, Ohio


Summit Agenda

2015 Agenda

We are actively building a robust agenda for the 2015 Summit.  Please check back for updates on specific didactic and breakout sessions and keynote address topics.

Track topics will focus on the most current trends and the expanded global interest in patient experience among many disciplines in and out of healthcare. The Patient Experience Summit will begin at 12:00 PM on Sunday, May 17 and will conclude at 12:00 PM on Wednesday, May 20. Please plan your stay so you are with us from start to finish. You won’t want to miss a minute!

Foundations for Patient Experience Improvements

  • Defining a patient experience strategy
  • The role of a patient experience office
  • Defining and evaluating best practices

Patient Engagement

  • Partnering with patients to manage plan of care
  • Engaging patients to improve clinical outcomes

Tactical Improvements in Patient Experience

  • Best practices in the emergency room
  • Toolkits for patient experience in pediatric settings
  • Ambulatory tools to improve patient experience

Physician Engagement

  • Improving physician communication skills
  • Creating physician buy-in

Patient Experience Metrics and Data

  • Data analytics: Understanding what patients are saying
  • CG-CAHPS 101
  • Data reporting: Creating useful tools and communications

Creating a Culture to Support Patient Experience

  • Facilitating effective culture transformation
  • Creating a foundation based on service
  • Sustaining a culture of service excellence

Continuous Improvement

  • Assessing the effectiveness of a best practice
  • Using continuous improvement tools to monitor ongoing patient experience progress


12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Nursing | Marketing TracksNursing Center

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2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Take a break and relax!

5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Welcome Reception - Global Center for Health InnovationsAdjourn Room

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Very interesting. We learned how to share stories. This is how we realize we all share universal emotions, how we influence people and how we all strive to serve.

—2014 Summit Attendee

This is the core of healthcare that often gets lost in the politics or day to day pressures. Thank you.

—2014 Summit Attendee

This session was fantastic. Very forward thinking and reflective of current trends.

—2014 Summit Attendee

Excellent presentation. Thank you for bringing him to your conference.

—2014 Summit Attendee

This session really made me think about how to create an environment to exceed the patient’s experience.

—2014 Summit Attendee

Wow! The emotion of this mother’s experience was hugely impactful. Love the patient stories.

—2014 Summit Attendee

Strong content, well presented, practical and actionable information. I can take this home and do it!

—2014 Summit Attendee

This session defined why I came to this conference.  I’ll be back.

—2014 Summit Attendee

Wonderful minds coming together for the greater good of mankind!

—2014 Summit Attendee